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Tuff Spas come with a unibody design and revolutionary hard-top.
Just fill the spa, plug in, and relax. Owning a Spa has never been easier....
Model TT450

This is the only Tuff Spa you'll ever need – this hot tub is built for the entire family!

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Model Z200

The Haven Spa offers an intimate setting for 2 or a relaxing oasis for up to 4 people.

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Kick Your Feet Up & Enjoy the view

Tuff Spas are an excellent place to relax. We have seats to fit all different body types and sizes with deep footwells and variable depth seating. Our options include cooling seats, bench seating, bucket seats, and many more.

Tuff Spas are special one-piece spas cast in an advanced polymer. They can withstand the most extreme climate conditions. From Canadian winters, to the hot Arizona desert, to the salty Californian air, Tuff Spas are built to last for life!

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"Best Hot Tub Ever!"

This tub is amazing! No foundation was needed, no expensive electrical line had to be run, they installed it in no time flat and the hard-top spa cover is the coolest feature.  It acts as a side table for me and my guests.  I got the new Mocha color which is very classy.

 Joseph - Indiana

OMG!!! THis is awesome.! We are tubbing it 2-3 times a week! I've never been so relaxed.  Perfect starter tub, easy tuff and fun.

 Steve Sterline IDK - Arlington Heights IL
"Smooth, Quiet, Relaxing"

I've owned other Hot Tubs and conventional spas and they were nothing like this Tuff Spa I got from Ultimate Comfort Spas.  I plugged it into our deck outlet and was relaxing a few hours later in the most maintenance free hot tub I've ever seen. I have nothing negative to say. It is AWESOME! My wife can't get our kids out of it. She just climbs in and soaks with them.

 Tuff Spa 650 - Tim, Illinois
"Very Satisfied"

Our Tuff 450 tub was a great purchase. Very affordable and We've had it now for a while and it still looks brand new.  The plastic material is non-slip (unlike our previous fiberglass tub) and does not bleach in the sun.  The filter system is easy to upkeep and now that we've installed the 220V line it heats 10 degrees per hour! I was disappointed that the 110 V line was a bit slow to heat up, but other than that I am happy.

 Tuff 450 - Downers Grove IL

Ultimate Comfort Spas

high quality Tuff spas for the entire family

Enjoy Your Hot Tub (Tuff Spa) Through All Four Seasons

Tuff Spas are an outstanding place to unwind and relax and are unlike any other Hot Tub. The variety of seats available with Tuff Spas will fit every body type and size with deep footwells and variable depth seating. Check out more Tuff Spa features

Tuff Spas Seating options available are:

  • Cooling Seats
  • Bucket Seats
  • Bench Seating
  • and much more!

Tuff Spas offer maximum therapy with strategic jet placement and multiple jet packages.

Tuff Spas Jet packages include:

  • Whirlpool jets
  • Pulsating jets
  • Directional jets
  • Combo jets

Additionally, all same size jets can be interchanged to give customized therapy for your individual needs, and individual jets can be turned off or on with a simple quarter rotation.

Whether you are looking for a place to relax as a couple, or spend quality time together with your family, Tuff Spas are the perfect environment to share a great experience.

The Most Durable Hot Tub Spa on the Market is a Tuff Spa
Tuff Spas are the hassle free hot tub

Tuff Spas are the hassle free Hot Tub.

Our special one-piece spa is cast in an advanced polymer that can withstand the most extreme climate conditions. From Canadian winters, to the hot Arizona desert, to the salty Californian air, Tuff Spas are built to last for life!

The acrylic surface that most portable spas are built with can bubble and crack over time. Tuff Spas are made with a non-slip polymer surface and as a result, they have no layers to crack, chip, peel, bubble, or fade. This polymer surface eliminates the need for sanding or staining that other portable spas often require.

Amazingly, the Tuff Spa can be repaired in seconds if it is ever scratched!

Easy Tuff Spa Installation

Tuff Spas make things simple. Bring it home, plug it in, and relax.

The polymer that Tuff Spas are made of makes them weigh much less than most other portable spas. Because of this, Tuff Spas can be moved and transported with ease.  They are also designed with a solid cast bottom which allows them to be installed on many surfaces (other than concrete).

Lastly, the standard tuff spa model will save you hundreds of dollars in electrical installation costs. Tuff Spas come with a power cord that works with a standard 110 volt outlet! No other hot tub on the market has this and it can save a ton of money to install your Tuff Spa hot tubover any other hot tub.

Just plug in your Tuff Spa and fill it up.

Why Choose A Tuff Spa?
  • Tuff Spas all have a Lifetime Warranty
  • Tuff Spas are Built smart to last with low maintenance
  • No concrete slab or electrician needed to install Tuff Spas
  • Tuff Spas have the best hard top cover of any spa available
  • Ultimate Comfort Spas has the best pricing on Tuff Spas!
  • Affordable, elegant way to relax!
Tuff Spas durability is backed with a
Lifetime Warranty

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