Eco Spa E3 1

Eco Spa E3

The Eco Spa features a built-in, hard cover for amazing durability and convenience . All Eco Spas come standard with dual filtration and ozone purification for a clean spa experience. Massage away your tension with 12 hydro-therapy jets!  All Eco Spas come with a manufacturer lifetime warranty on spa structure and cover. Accessories available. 

Eco spas are the original tuff spa, featuring the best innovations in hot tubs available today. Simple durable design and extremely easy to maintain. Relax in style and convenience. The Eco Spa models all ranges from a 110v/220v “Plug & Play” features.

  • SEATING: 3
  • SIZE: 77”L X 60” W X 33”H
  • GALLONS: 230
  • Weight: 470 lbs
  • Jets: 23
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