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Introducing the Amerse Deluxe Chlorine Kit -

The ultimate value-packed solution for maintaining your spa's cleanliness and water balance! This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to keep your spa in top condition, ensuring a delightful and relaxing experience every time you use it.

The AMS Deluxe Chlorine Kit is an excellent value for your money, as it provides all the essential chemicals for spa care in one convenient package. By choosing this kit, you'll save both time and money, while ensuring optimal water quality for your spa.

Included in the Amerse Deluxe Chlorine Kit:

  1. AMS Chlorine Sanitizer - Effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses, ensuring a safe and hygienic spa environment.
  2. AMS Shock Oxidizer - Breaks down organic contaminants, removing unpleasant odors and improving water clarity.
  3. AMS Metal & Stain Control - Prevents stains and discoloration caused by metals and minerals in the water.
  4. Test Strips - Enables easy and accurate testing of water chemistry, ensuring proper balance and maintenance.
  5. AMS pH & Alkalinity Up - Raises pH and alkalinity levels in the water, promoting a comfortable and soothing spa experience.
  6. AMS pH & Alkalinity Down - Lowers pH and alkalinity levels, preventing scaling and maintaining the efficiency of your spa equipment.
  7. Measuring Cup - Ensures precise dosing of chemicals for effective spa maintenance.
  8. AMS Spa Side Reference Card - Provides a handy guide to spa care and maintenance, ensuring optimal water quality at all times.
  9. AMS Spa Care Guide - Offers detailed information on spa care and best practices for maintaining your spa.

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