Amerse Deluxe Bromine Kit

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AMS Deluxe Kit – Bromine

Amerse Bromine Tablets: These slow-dissolving tablets provide a reliable and effective method for sanitizing your spa. They help maintain clean and clear water, while reducing bacteria growth and unwanted odors.

Go Brom: This product is a simple, convenient alternative to traditional bromine tablets. Designed for easy use, Go Brom dissolves quickly and helps maintain a clean and safe spa environment.

Amerse Shock Oxidizer: A powerful non-chlorine oxidizer that eliminates organic contaminants, restoring water clarity and freshness. It enhances sanitizer efficiency and is compatible with bromine and chlorine sanitizers.

Amerse Metal & Stain Control: This product helps prevent metal and mineral stains, while also reducing scale formation in your spa. It is an essential addition to your spa maintenance routine.

Test Strips: Quickly and accurately measure your spa water’s pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels with these convenient test strips. Regular testing helps maintain a balanced and healthy spa environment.

Amerse pH & Alkalinity Up: This product raises both pH and alkalinity levels in your spa water, ensuring proper balance and preventing equipment damage caused by corrosive water.

Amerse pH & Alkalinity Down: Use this product to lower pH and alkalinity levels in your spa water, preventing scale formation, cloudy water, and skin and eye irritation.

Measuring Cup: A handy tool for measuring and dispensing spa chemicals accurately and safely. Proper dosage is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy spa.

Amerse Spa Side Reference Card: This quick-reference guide helps you keep track of your spa maintenance routine, ensuring you’re using the right products at the right time.

Amerse Spa Care Guide: A comprehensive resource that covers everything you need to know about spa care and maintenance, including troubleshooting tips, water chemistry guidelines, and product usage instructions.


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Amerse Deluxe Bromine Kit:

Amerse Deluxe Bromine Kit

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Amerse Deluxe Bromine Kit Includes: Amerse Bromine Tablets, Go Brom, Amerse Shock Oxidizer, Amerse Metal & Stain Control, Test Strips, Amerse pH & Alkalinity Up, Amerse pH & Alkalinity Down, Measuring Cup, Amerse Spa Side Reference Card and the Amerse Spa Care Guide.

Introducing the Amerse Deluxe Bromine Kit, your all-in-one solution for maintaining crystal-clear, safe, and healthy spa water. This comprehensive kit includes Amerse Bromine Tablets for effective sanitization, Amerse Shock Oxidizer for eliminating contaminants, and an array of essential water balancing products like pH & Alkalinity Up and Down. Additionally, the kit features Metal & Stain Control to prevent unsightly stains, Test Strips for accurate water testing, and a convenient Spa Care Guide for expert tips on maintaining your spa. Simplify your spa maintenance routine with the Amerse Deluxe Bromine Kit, designed to provide optimal water care and ensure a relaxing, enjoyable spa experience.