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Tuff Spas Hot Tubs Addison

Tuff Spas are the most innovative hot tubs in Addison.

If you live in Addison and are interested in owning your own Hot tub to gain relaxation and hydrotherapy in your own backyard, you NEED a Tuff Spa.  Don't be fooled into paying double for a hot tub in Addison that will wear out and cost more.  The Tuff Spa brand is the easiest most durable hot tub in Addison.

  • Tuff Spas come with the easiest hard top hot tub cover of any tub,
  • Tuff Spas have the lowest maintenance cost of any hot tubs
  • Our Tuff Spas have the best longevity of any spa or hot tub brand
  • Our patented construction methods make these Hot Tubs Last FOREVER

We offer a number of different beautiful Hot Tubs for Addison


Tuff Spas Tuff Top Hot Tub Cover

The World’s Only Patented Hard Top Spa Cover in Addison That Offers These Exclusive Features.

A Hard-Top Hot Tub Cover that stays horizontal so you never need to bend over, making the Tuff Spas Hard Top Hot Tub Cover easier to open/close and eliminate unneeded stress on your back.

This hard top hot tub cover will not obstruct the view when open. Our hard top hot tub cover allows for complete visibility in every direction.

Our hard top hot tub cover converts into a shelf when open to hold items such as towels, drinks, stereos, candles, ect.

This hard top hot tub cover saves space and eliminates the need for inconvenient trays that have to be removed every time the cover is opened/closed.

The Tuff Spas hard top hot tub cover has powder coated aluminum arms that will never break or need to be replaced. Also, this hard top hot tub cover has an Inter-locking design that eliminates the need for unsightly straps.


  • Never buy another hot tub cover
  • Our hot tub cover converts into a Shelf/bar
  • Hot tub cover holds over 500 pounds
  • Fully insulated hot tub cover
  • Gasket sealed for maximum efficiency
  • Patented channel flow design prevents water from pooling on top of hot tub cover
  • Tuff Spas Can be opened/closed by one person
  • No more rotting, smelly, or sagging hot tub covers with Tuff Spas
  • All Tuff Spas Include a Lifetime Warranty for the Hot Tub and the hard top hot tub cover!


Hot Tubs Built for the planet. Built for a lifetime
  • Tuff Spas are one piece, heat-retaining hot tub shell
  • Tuff Spas Hot Tub Material is recyclable
  • Tuff Spas produce Fewer emissions in manufacturing
  • Tuff Spa hot tubs need far less AMP draw & electric power

Blue sTUFF Hot Tub Insulation

Tuff Spas are made with Blue sTUFF Insulation which is made from post-consumer recycled denim that is thermally bonded.  This Natural Fiber Spa Insulation contains no fiberglass and does not itch or cause skin irritation.

  • Large Access & Solid Bottom
  • 110v/220v Convertible Equipment - No Other Tub on the Market Can Do That
  • All Tuff Spas are Fully Insulated with Removable Blue sTUFF Insulation
  • Solid Bottom Keeps Rodents Out and Heat In
  • Large Side Access Panels for Easy Access to All Plumbing
  • Varied Depth Seating for All Sizes
  • All of our hot tubs come with a Lifetime Warranty!

Your new Tuff Spa Hot Tub will be able to stand up to all climates: Sun, Snow, Ice & Rain.  Finally a spa made with you in mind.  Tuff Spa maximizes efficiency and minimizes maintenance.

Why Choose A Tuff Spa?
  • Tuff Spas all have a Lifetime Warranty
  • Built smart to last with the lowest maintenance possible
  • No concrete slab or electrician needed to install
  • Built for all 4 seasons in Addison IL
  • Affordable, elegant way to relax!
Tuff Spas durability is backed with a Lifetime Warranty

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