Orlando Spa - Resort Series Hot Tubs 1

Orlando Spa – Resort Series Hot Tubs

Resort Series – Signature

Clearwater Spa’s Orlando is the ultimate luxury spa in our Resort Series.  Set the multi-colored LED mood lighting to your favorite colors.  More jets and more pumps provide more therapy than any other competitive spa.  The exclusive his-and-her seating configurations provide individual hydrotherapy spa comfort.

Seats: 6 people – comfortable ergonomic seating at various heights to fit all ages including two captain-style chairs with full body hydrotherapy jets.

Dimensions: 92.5″ x 92.5″ x 39.5″ (235x235x100.3 cm)

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Clearwater Spas Orlando Signature Resort Series

  •  Clearwater Spa's Orlando Signature Resort Series spa has 107  fully adjustable hydrotherapy jets.
  • Clearwater Spa's Orlando has 4 – 5.0 hp therapy pumps and 1 – circulation filtration pump (U.S./Canada) OR 4 – 3.0 hp therapy pumps and 1 – circulation filtration pump (Europe)
  • Each Orlando Spa has 4 air controls, so millions of micro bubbles can give the ultimate stimulating massage.
  • The Orlando Spa has 4 LED lighted cup coasters.
  • Four conveniently placed controls allow you to turn on and off the therapy pump without leaving your seat.
  • Clearwater Spa's Orlando also features soothing cascading waterfalls and a spillover waterfall that are fully adjustable.

Clearwater Spa's Orlando model has programmable multi-colored LED mood lighting in the pillows, waterfalls, water fan, an LED footwell, as well as in the four corners of the exterior cabinet sconces and the bistro table. 

The Orlando Resort Series spa has a removable bistro table with six cup holders and a center space holder for an ice bucket or your favorite snack.  The table top is acrylic and matches the spa color.  The translucent frosted table leg illuminates from the multi-colored floor mounted LED light.

The Orlando Spa comes with 4 comfortable ergonomic, high quality pillows with emblem inserts that are illuminated from behind.  These durable pillows are waterproof, UV resistant, chemical resistant, tear proof and easy to clean.  Made in the U.S.A.

Average Water Capacity:540 gallons (2044 liters).
Weights:Empty: 1100 lbs (499 kg)  |  Filled: 5604 lbs (2542 kg)
Filtering Area:150/sf.
Electrical Requirements:240 volt (U.S./Canada)  |  220 volt (Europe)
Electrical Requirement Amp./Breaker:60 amp GFCI (U.S./Canada)  |  2 x 32 amps or 3 x 32 amps (Europe).

Water Feature

Orlando Spa - Resort Series Hot Tubs 14Water Features | Standard Feature
Fully adjustable water features create a magical focal point and soothing sound.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the standard spillover waterfall and the cascading waterfall features by Clearwater Spas. These fully adjustable water features add a soothing calm to your hot tub experience. The standard mulit-colored LED mood lighting creates a light show with beautiful colored lighting transitions.


Orlando Spa - Resort Series Hot Tubs 15SpaTouch™ TP950 controls your spa experience.

Clearwater Spas user friendly SpaTouch™ color control panel lets you control the pump speeds, water temperature, mood lighting and self-testing diagnostics all without leaving the comfort of your hot tub. Special features includes energy savings economy mode, child safety lockout mode and 12/24 hour programmable timer.


Orlando Spa - Resort Series Hot Tubs 16ClearPlay™ Plus audio system lets you listen to your music wirelessly using Bluetooth technology.

The ClearPlay™ Plus wireless audio system lets you stream and listen to your mobile digital music files using Bluetooth 2.1 technology. This is an optional feature.


Orlando Spa - Resort Series Hot Tubs 17Bask in the glow of our beautiful premium multi-colored LED mood lighting.

Sit back and bask in the glow of our beautiful, premium multi-colored LED mood lighting.  This majestic lighting package is artfully designed into many of the hydrotherapy jets, water features, pillows and exterior cabinetry.

Bistro Table

Orlando Spa - Resort Series Hot Tubs 18The party for family fun and entertaining, your bistro table is ready!

A Clearwater Spas exclusive!  Our lighted removable bistro table is the Piéce de résistance – a highlight feature item for the ultimate in spa entertaining.  The frosted table leg is illuminated by our beautiful multicolored LED mood lighting.  The color-matching acrylic table has six cup holders and a larger center holder for an ice bucket or your favorite bowl of snacks.  (*Bistro table not available for the Rio model only).


Orlando Spa - Resort Series Hot Tubs 19Our RIM System cabinets provide craftsman style detailing without the maintenance.

Clearwater Spas RIM System cabinets are the best and strongest cabinets in the industry. We stand by this with a 20-year warranty on all Signature Packages with the RIM cabinets. We also offer real cedar wood cabinets for the more natural look.


Orlando Spa - Resort Series Hot Tubs 20DDFS™ Clean, pure water – 100% filtered.

Clearwater Spas Dual Defense Filtration System™ (DDFS™) is the most effective filtering system on the spa market and is 100% self-cleaning.


Orlando Spa - Resort Series Hot Tubs 21Clean Light™ UVC technology and ozone system dual-unit destroys bacteria.

This ultra-violet germicidal (UVC) and integrated ozone purification system has the leading-edge technologies combined into one dual-unit.  This is part of our exclusive Dual Defense Purification System™ (DDPS™).

Salt System

Orlando Spa - Resort Series Hot Tubs 22Salt water purification system.

Purify water with less maintenance.  The optional Salt System is a natural water purification system that helps to reduce the amount of chemicals needed and water changes. Optional Feature

Cover Lift

Orlando Spa - Resort Series Hot Tubs 23Cover lift provides easy cover removal.

Clearwater Spas cover lift makes it easier to remove your hot tub hardcover. the high quality, powder coated aluminum tubing that is corrosion-free. Foam grips make handling comfortable. Comes with a standard accessory for hanging towels. Made in the U.S.A. Optional Accessory


Orlando Spa - Resort Series Hot Tubs 2420-YEAR STRUCTURAL WARRANTY


Clearwater Spa structures are warranted against water loss occurring from defects in material or workmanship for 20 years (Signature Package) from the original purchase date. Clearwater Spas warrants their spa shell interior surface against blistering, cracking and delamination for 20 years (Signature Package) from the original purchase date.


Orlando Spa - Resort Series Hot Tubs 25PLUMBING | OPERATING EQUIPMENT

Clearwater Spas warrants the operating equipment and plumbing against defects in workmanship for five years (Signature Package) from the original purchase date.


This warranty does not cover any defects, malfunctions or damages that result from improper installation, commercial use, rental use or improper maintenance. The spa shell is made of high quality impact resistant thermoplastic. The spa surface cannot be subjected to periods of direct sunlight without being filled with water. Exposure to direct sun can cause deformation of the spa surface. Such exposure will void the warranty. This Limited Warranty is limited to the original owner, installed at the original site. Any requests for change of site location must first be approved in writing by Clearwater Spas. This Limited Warranty is void if the spa has been altered, neglected, abused or misused or if any repairs have been made by an unauthorized agent. Misuse and abuse include any installation, maintenance or operation not in accordance with the owner’s operations manual. Clearwater Spas is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages of any nature, acts of God or other causes beyond the control of Clearwater Spas. All warranties, implied or otherwise, including implied warranties for merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the terms set forth in this warranty. Exterior structural integrity of the cabinet is warranted to be free of defects at time of delivery and for 20 years for Signature Package / 10 years Gold Package for RIM Cabinets and for one year on Cedar Cabinets thereafter, but does not include the cabinet surface color finish fading (stain or paint). No representative of Clearwater Spas, not its agents, distributors or dealers, has any authority to alter in any manner the terms of this Limited Warranty and Clearwater Spas is not responsible for any undertaking, representation of warranty made by any other person beyond those expressly set forth in this warranty. This Limited Warranty only covers those items manufactured by Clearwater Spas. Exclusions: any options added that are not standard features, fuses, light bulbs, LED lighting, spa pillows, filter cartridges, ozonators, UVC or salt system, any music systems such as iPod/MP3/FM docking stations, ClearStream Bluetooth System, ClearSound Stereo System, ClearPlay Bluetooth System, Media System, speakers, subwoofer, MicroSilk, Power-In-Motion (PIM) Package, circulation pump – which are covered under their separate manufacturer’s warranty.

Standard features, accessories, options, components, quantities, styles, sizes, colors, brand names, models and specifications may be improved on or changed without notice. © Clearwater Spas – Established 1976.