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Spa Installation

Spa Installation

Tuff Spas must be placed on a Patio, concrete slab, gravel base, hard packed ground or deck that is flat and level, and the same size as the Spa or larger. For proper spa installation, Spas cannot be placed on uneven ground or on extremely Soft ground as it will sink and both may damage the Spa. The key to all base applications is FLAT and LEVEL. As long as you are 2”- 3” with in level, on any surface, you will be fine. If you are NOT using an existing Patio or previously constructed Deck or Base, please see the options below to find the one that will suit your situation best. (See the images below for reference)

Spa Installation

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is simple to level by using a straight 2 x 4 and carpenter 's level to check. Crushed rock is another choice. A disadvantage of gravel is the messy appearance, and weed control issues.


Spa Installation


Pressure- treated decking can be used as a base. The decking should be fitted to a base frame made from 4” X 4” timber, which must be supported at regular intervals. The key here is filling in between the timbers (with sand or like material) so you have a FLAT surface for the spa to sit on.


Spa Installation

Patio Stones/Pavers

Another foundation choice is pre-cast concrete patio slabs/pavers. Depending on the size of your spa and the stones, two rows of four (8) or three rows of three (9) are usually enough, if evenly spaced (depending on the size of the spa). Make sure they are well seated and level. Again, filling in between the pavers (with sand or like material) so you have a FLAT surface.

Spa Installation

Concrete Slab

Although expensive, a poured concrete slab about 4" in thickness is a common choice for a permanent installation, and can be made a little wider than the spa to provide for a clean walkway and storage area


Spa Installation

Directly on Hard Packed Ground

Tuff Spas is one of the few spas on the market where this is an option. Placing the spa directly onto a level dirt surface is sometimes acceptable. We do however suggest that you use, 4x8 sheets of 1” to 2” foam between the dirt and spa to offer a “cushion” for the spa to sit on. Taping two sheets of the foam together will be plenty surface area for any size Tuff Spa, and then simply cut away any excess after getting the spa in place.

(Please take into account your Electrical source when considering your base type and location)


Delivery and Access


The Spa will generally be delivered on a trailer. Please ensure there is adequate access to your driveway and Spa site. Hot Tubs will be positioned using a rolling dolly. The Spa will be positioned sideways onto the dolly. If you have ordered a Spa, but feel the dolly will not be adequate for maneuvering your Spa, then please let us know so that we can discuss your individual requirements. To avoid disappointment please check the points to consider below.


Check the dimensions of your Spa and compare the Spa dimensions to the width of any gates and paths along the delivery route between the road and the installation site (typically 36” gate openings are needed). It may be necessary for you to remove a gate or partially remove a fence in order to provide an unobstructed passageway. If the delivery route will require a 90 degree turn, don’t forget to check the measurements at the turn to ensure the Hot Tub will fit. Also, look for any protruding utility meters, low roof eaves, overhanging trees or gutters that might cause an obstruction. In some very rare circumstances it might be necessary to hire a crane for the installation. This would be to avoid damage to the Tub or to your property, because there is no other way to get the spa into position. This extra cost for the crane would have to be met by you.

Points to Consider

  • Are doors, gates and alleyways large enough? (36” in the typical minimum)
  • Does the Spa have to be taken over soft lawn or deep gravel? If so, please make sure boards are put down for protection and to assist delivery if necessary. The dolly truck will not travel over a very soft/wet lawn or extremely uneven ground.
  • Have you taken into account obstructions such as drainpipes, shelves, guttering, trees etc? Make sure these are removed prior to delivery if necessary. The overall height of the Spa will be higher by about 2’ due to using the dolly.
  • Is there enough room for turning the Spa in tight corners to move it into position?
  • Is there enough room to access the Spa, once it is in position? We recommend that there is access to all four sides however, it is particularly important that there is one access to a side containing the control pad. Please take into account your Electrical source when considering your Spa location.
  • Are there any steep slopes or walls? We can manage small slopes or walls if extra labor is on site to help take the spa off the dolly. For larger walls and steep slopes, then a crane may be necessary.

Tuff Spas will generally supply two men to install your Spa. If you think the Spa will have to be removed from the dolly for any reason then we will need to arrange extra labor to assist.


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