Tuff Spa TT450 Hot Tubs

This is our largest Tuff Spa you’ll ever need – this hot tub is built for the entire family! This exclusive patented hard-cover Hot Tub on the market that has the longevity of the Tuff Spas Hot Tub. Lifetime warranty on the Hot Tub innovative cover and shell makes this Hot Tub easy to maintain.  The TT450 hot tub gives you a deep relaxing bucket style seating.

Tuff Spas offers convertible electric wiring on all model sizes which is a trait that is exclusive to Tuff Spas.  This  TT450 Tuff Spa model comes with the option of either a 110v or a 220v. Tuff Spa’s life-time warranty on the patented hard-cover and convertible electric wiring gives Tuff Spas a cutting-edge advantage over all other spa manufacturers.

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Product Description

Tuff Spa Hot Tub Specs:

  • 77”L x 77”W x 35”H
  • 350 Gallons
  • 560 lbs. (dry weight)
  • 22 Jets
  • 4-7 Adults
  • (1) 2 HP two-speed pump
  • 40 sq. ft. Filter

Tuff Spa TT450 Hot Tub Equipment:

  • Digital Topside Control
  • Ozone Ready
  • Lounge
  • 110/220 Convertible
  • 1.0/4.0 kw Heater

Tuff Spa TT450 Hot Tub Optional Upgrades:

  • Tuff Spa Hard Top Cover
  • Stainless Steel Hot Tub Jets
  • Hot Tub LED Light
  • Ozone
  • Larger Horse Power Motor Available (Only with 220v upgrade)
  • 12 additional jets are available (Only with 220v upgrade)

Hot Tub Colors:

  • Sahara
  • Mocha

Hot Tub Side Panel Options:

  • side_panel_stacked_stoneStacked Stone
  • side_panel_colored_stone_1Multi-Colored Stone
  • side_panel_mochaMocha-Colored Stone
Tuff Spa TT450 Hot Tub Manuals & Documents

Blue sTUFF (Hot Tub Insulation)

Blue sTUFF is a sustainable product made from recycled denim that has a higher "R" value (22) than traditional R19 insulation. Additionally, blue sTUFF is a very effective acoustic insulator and will result in a quieter spa. This product has a water proof foil back and contains no itchy fiberglass and has no dust or spore byproduct. Blue sTUFF is more efficient and saves you more money then traditional messy spray foam.

The tuff spa hard-top hot tub cover is made of poly-ethylene, which the same material that the tuff spa itself is made of. The tuff spa side access panels allow easy access to all the inner workings of the Tuff Spa, making any maintenance or (unlikely) repair a simple task. Our trained technicians supervise the manufacturing of the Tuff Spas, and ensure that they are water tested against leaks and other manufacturing defects.